From concept to completion, Ace Camp Solutions team of experts will ensure your camp requirements are fully met.

We provide:

    • Easy camp moves
    • Fast camp deployment
    • Manufacturing and installation
    • Modern rental fleet
    • Skid or trailer mounted or stump mounted permanent camps
    • Plug and play electricity, water and waste
    • Easy connection points
    • Option of satellite tv ready (Wireless)
    • Option of satellite data and communication ready (Wireless)
    • Fully insulated
    • Electrical and plumbing to meet Australian Standards
    • Fully furnished individual accommodation with ensuite
    • Top quality kitchen equipment and appliances
    • Comfortable recreation space with tv, gym and optional choice of vending machine
    • High end furnishings and appliances
    • Fully self-contained
    • Built to BSA Code requirements
    • OHS friendly
    • Above ground walkways between units
    • Motion stablilised trailers
    • Built in Australia for Australian conditions


Ace Camp Solutions unique leasing structure eliminates the significant capital costs associated with traditional camp construction and is ideal for short to medium term projects where mobility and time frames are critical.

Leasing your camp reduces ongoing maintenance costs and is highly responsive to the needs of your project.


We add value to your project through the provision of high quality, well-appointed accommodation units for happy, contented workers and ultimately a more
productive workforce. Quality is built into every unit and every effort has been made to ensure that the camp provides all the comforts of home.

Ace Camp Solutions mobile camp solutions are the perfect solution for large project sites - we can provide accommodation for your construction crew while they
build your permanent camp.

Our prefabricated modular units are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment, you benefit from:

    • Shorter project set up time
    • Greater quality control
    • Consistent quality finish
    • Minimal site disruption
    • No weather delays
    • Flexible, expandable components

Custom solutions built to local requirements. Prefabricated modular structures reduce the costs required to set up camp, the faster you can use your camp, the faster you can begin operations and start earning revenue.

All units are tested in the factory to ensure their functionality before being transported to your project site.