Container Modules Benefits

Ace Camp Solutions now offers a containerised product that we can build to suit any of your remote camp, temporary building or mining project needs. They are built with the robust engineering of a shipping container yet can be furnished & fitted out to suit your budget, from basic to 5 Star Hotel Standards. We can also clad externally in any finish you require to make it blend in & suit the location & surroundings.

All equipment, fixtures & fittings in the container modules are made to Australian Standards & have the option of being fully furnished.

Ace Camps Container Modules are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian design standards and government regulations The containers also offer, where possible, the most energy efficient products, such as LED lighting.

These containers can be designed to suit so many applications such as

    • Mobile Camps (Trailer & Skid Mounted),
    • Permanent Mining or Remote Camps
    • Extra Accommodation such as Granny Flat, single quarters etc
    • Site Offices
    • Caravan Park Cottages
    • Homestay Cottages
    • Armed Forces applications (Shrapnel rating)

Container Benefits

    • Easily and quickly installed & transported
    • Cyclone Rated (with Tie Downs)
    • Mobile & robust with option of high end finishes
    • Earthquake resistant to over a magnitude of 7.5
    • Well Insulated/ Fire Rated
    • Very good sound rating
    • Damp proof
    • Interiors can be designed to suit individual specifications & budgets
    • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

We can customise the manufacture of the container to meet any standards or design necessities you require, whether it be 1 container or 400. Please contact us now for a quote.