Mobile Modular Camp Solutions

Ace Camp Solutions understand the challenges presented by remote locations and the need for a fast and effective solution to help drive productivity. We know the expense of training industry new staff to your company. Our goal is to assist you by providing the ultimate in camp facilities, which will certainly pay dividends with staff retention. That's why we offer a full service solution for your workforce accommodation needs.

Our mobile camp solutions are engineered to meet the demands of remote locations and constructed to provide the strength, quality and comfort that is required for today's workforce camps.

Our mobile camps are trailer or skid mounted units enabling them to be moved into position quickly. Minimal ground disturbance pre-delivery is required as all units and services are located above ground. Our design provides a safer camp move that is both time and cost effective; your camp can be fully functional with workers accommodated just hours after arrival on site.

All mobile camp units are constructed to meet relevant statutory building and development conditions including disabled access provisions if required. Materials used in the construction of the units have been selected to meet or exceed current energy efficiency requirements. Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to the use of LED lighting throughout; excessive use of insulation; "A" Class waste treatment plants; windows in all modules; patented above ground walkway system, (less ground impact), Weather proofed shaded walkways between all personnel modules (cooler camp) plus many more. These are all part of our committment to make both our Clients staff contented and very comfortable while still being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Permanent Camps

Ace Camp Solutions can also cater to Permanent Camp Situations as the buildings have the strength & flexibility having being manufactured to suit mobile or permanent facilities while still meeting building code requirements.